Goodbye, Chris

Photo Credit - Taken at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium | July 23, 2016 | Chris Cornell Higher Truth Tour

I’ve always been an unapologetic fan of Chris Cornell, and always will be. Can’t say enough about him. And like too many others to count, I’ll never be able to personally thank him for reaching through some dark periods of life to touch mine.

But he did. And now he’s gone. And I don’t know how to reconcile my heartbreak with the pedestal I put him on. I still remind myself to Carry On, every time I feel a resurgence of dark days long put behind me (or so I think, every single time).

He did carry on, though, as much as he was humanly capable. And his devastating loss is a reminder of how fragile life is, and how blessed we all are to love and be loved, while we’re here.

I’d still love to ask him questions, I just secretly hoped I’d one day get a chance to ask him in person. However deeply personal your own experiences with his music, I’m sure who he was resonates far more; a kind, gentle soul who gave everything he had to give until he could give no more.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you’re hurting, don’t keep it to yourself. If you’re in pain, don’t try to be brave. Ask for help, reach out, scream to be heard if you have to. It’s always manageable, until it isn’t.

It’s been heavy referring to you today in past tense. Rest in peace, and unthinkably…goodbye, Chris.


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